And... REA was created

REA Maternity Gynecology Clinic was born in 2007, based on the vision of a team of prominent obstetricians - gynecologists, with a significant scientific and professional presence. Their vision was to create an original, modern clinic to cover the great gap in the field and provide high-level medical services in the Southern Suburbs of the Attica basin.

Armed with the trust of more than 450 distinguished doctors-shareholders, the decisiveness of the leading team and the necessary capital adequacy, we dynamically implemented the greatest private investment in infrastructure and advanced medical technology.

Our commitment is to become an example in the private health services sector based on our doctor-centered operation philosophy, dedication to the values of Medical Science, respect towards doctors and nurses and providing constant care to patient mothers and women in general.

Rea Maternity Hospital
383, Siggrou Ave. & 17, Pentelis 17564 Palaio Faliro, Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 210 9495000, fax: +30 210 9495999, email: