Rea’s Location “Palaio Faliro”

REA is located in a strategic position on the map of Athens, which is at the Delta of Faliro that connects the cosmopolitan city of Athens, the beautiful southern suburbs and the international port of Piraeus.

From the Airport: 40 km

From the Port of Piraeus: 8 km

From the Center of Athens: 4,5 km


Palaio Faliro

“Palaio Faliro” is a suburb in the southern part of Athens. Palaio Faliro has beaches within the Saronic Gulf mainly in the western area. The yacht harbour (Marina Alimou) with several piers lies to the south east, while the Trokadero harbour lies to the northwest.


Almost all ancient writers, from Herodotus to Pausanias, give information about Palaio Faliro. So we know, that the founder of Faliro was the local hero Faliros, son of Alkon and grandson of King Erechtheus of Athens, who was a contemporary of Theseus and helped him in their war against the Centaurs.
Faliros was one of the Argonauts, who led by Jason (in 1226 to 1225 BC). The famous Argonauts had founded in southern Italy a colony named it initially “Faliro” as well.


• Cultural Centre of Palaio Faliro
• Marine of Flisvos
• Panagitsa church
• Averof ship museum
• Village Cinemas Complex
• Kimatothrafstis (Wave-breaker)
• Olympic Tae Kwon Do Stadium
• Phaleron War Cemetery

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